Poppies 15 Minute Photo Challenge Ep 129: Take and Make Great Photos with Gavin Hoey

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25 Responses to “Poppies 15 Minute Photo Challenge Ep 129: Take and Make Great Photos with Gavin Hoey”

  1. SLR Optics Photography says:

    Could not agree more with that! Seems like possible a contender for “Nicest
    bloke on the planet”….lol

  2. SLR Optics Photography says:

    Fantastic as always…!


    Great & Incredible, waiting your next challenge 🙂

  4. BrotherBloat says:

    Great video, Gavin! I really liked the final image! 🙂

  5. Siegfried3203 says:

    Incredible. Thx

  6. mark newman says:

    Great video as always Gavin, I have been watching you tutorials for 18
    months my photography and post processing has vastly improved, thank you. A
    bonus was to meet you on the day when you were filming this tutorial. I can
    see myself in the background at the end of the video… A great pleasure to
    meet you and please keep up the hard work we all really appreciate what you

  7. Davor Pavlic says:

    I’d like to know if you are actually using these “destrucitve” methods in
    your work always? If not, why not use the non-destructive? Particulary,
    masking instead of erasing, working with smart objects instead of flatten
    etc. I am usually not one to like HDR, oil, etc., but when done corectlly
    and to a certain kind of photos that ask for that kind of postproduction
    than it can be great, as it is here. I almost couldn’t see another way to
    process it. Great one.

  8. Andre Müller says:

    Gavin, your the nicest guy on the internet! Watching your tutorials always
    makes the world seem a little friendly 🙂 I don’t even shoot digital, but I
    still love to watch it.

  9. Gavin Hoey says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Graduated Filter in Adobe Camera RAW since
    Photoshop CS4. Brilliant tool and one I use a lot 🙂

  10. Diane Worth says:

    The oil paint filer is downloadable free from Adobe as part of Pixel
    Bender. I have it and have CS5 too

  11. Gary Bennett says:


  12. Bassie Adriaan says:

    Uh where did the gradiënt in the sky come from?

  13. Adorama says:

    In an all new 15 Minute Photo Challenge, +Gavin Hoey visits a field of red
    poppies, then shows you how to add an oil painting effect in Photoshop.

  14. UK Photography Community says:

    Gez… +Gerard Charnley … +Gavin Hoey has stolen your Poppy field!! Or
    were you there on the same day??!

    lol *wasn’t this where you’re recent lovely images were taken?*

    *shared by* +Heidi Anne Morris 

  15. Mike Goodwin says:

    +Gavin Hoey 15 minute photo challenge. Some good tips for beginning

  16. Photoshop Artist and Tutor says:

    Poppies 15 Minute Photo Challenge Ep 129: Take and Make Great Photos with
    Gavin Hoey #Photography http://ow.ly/nvm8q

  17. Eric Balcon says:

    aha dust on your sensor ! visible at f22… do you usually clean this
    yourself ? or do you send your camera to a specialist ?

  18. Michael Cresham says:

    Excellent. Thank you

  19. Leonardo Abreu says:


  20. BoldtCave says:

    That picture turned out fantastic. Thank you for the lesson, Gavin.

  21. Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

    The result using the oil paint filer is surprisingly artistic and beautiful

  22. bobsden25 says:

    Great video Gavin.

  23. Grant Dommen says:

    Not a single shot of the Amex, Gavin? 😉 Love its location on the Downs

  24. Jan Votava says:

    simple, though awesome, as usual

  25. Gavin Hoey says:

    I photographed my hand so when I look through my photos in Explorer /
    Finder I’d see my hand and know that then following photos are connected.
    There’s a more in depth video on my panorama technique here on Adorama TV,
    just search through the archives 🙂