Photography Tips – Histograms Explained

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25 Responses to “Photography Tips – Histograms Explained”

  1. Clive Sinclair says:

    Simple, easy to understand. Thank you Mike.

  2. folkrockr says:

    Excellent tutorial on histograms! Now, instead of relying on a dimly-lit
    LCD screen or a flashing indicator in my EVF… I can check out my
    histogram in the camera image information and know if I have a good
    ‘normal’ exposure. This will help in setting up my “middle” exposure for
    bracketed exposures, too!

  3. deepak sharma says:

    Hey mike. Would love to see some landscape tutorials. You are great at
    conveying things. You are a magnificent teacher. You rock. Thanks.

  4. Faris Tayb says:

    As always great video. Two thumbs UP. 

  5. Richard Fuentes says:

    Thank you Mike, you are a good teacher, you made me understand how
    important histogram is in photography.

  6. mark inglis says:

    I went to Disney Paris, it was very bright, and most of my pictures were
    coming up dark in the lcd screen, so as I am very new to photography I up’d
    the exposure …… the result was ALOT of over exposed photo’s luckily for
    me Lightroom 5 is awesome for ‘saving’ over exposed pictures. But now
    after your video im going to start reading the historgram and hopefully get
    it right on location 🙂 I love your picture of Big Ben, if you ever
    do a workshop or a walk in London I’d love to join you on it!!

  7. Gabbi Lambert says:

    inspiring again, thanks Mike

  8. happy hkv says:

    Histograms explained.
    #photographytips #photographytutorial #histograms #mikebrowne 

  9. ThePhrozenPhoenix says:

    Great tutorial. Thank you.

  10. Scott Krigel says:


  11. Herkules Évora says:

    Very useful, thanks Mike!

  12. buttonNZ says:

    Thanks Mike. Your a great teacher and rekindled my hobby! :)

  13. dkreppucci says:

    Nice job – seems like my best friend explaining things to me at a nice
    friendly, informative pace. You are a natural teacher. Should I feel
    guilty for watching all of these free instructional videos of yours?

  14. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you

  15. GabrielKnightz says:

    For anyone curious, In Photoshop you open ‘Levels’ by going to Images
    >Adjustments >Levels or by pressing Crtl+L and play around with the
    histogram. I like your keyboard mike 🙂

  16. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you – you too

  17. Paul Cochrane says:

    Cheers Mike ! wondered what that graph thing was for !

  18. shoemakerleve9 says:

    Very good explaination! Thank you!

  19. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you:-)

  20. Junjun jr. Llauderes says:

    Good explanation of histogram , thank you!

  21. Mike Browne says:

    Glad you’re feeling better 😉

  22. Mike Browne says:

    Ahh – it’s an Avid keyboard. The colours and symbols are keyboard shortcuts
    for use with Avid video editing software. – Mike

  23. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you.

  24. djthought says:

    Mike Browne, you the man!

  25. kats peter says:

    Just Excellent Mike.