Photography Tips – Effective Business Emails for Clients

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5 Responses to “Photography Tips – Effective Business Emails for Clients”

  1. Carrie LeighAnna says:

    Ah! This is brilliant, and not just for photographers!! I’m loving this and
    I’m going to try and start creating templates for myself as well.

    As an aside, I just remembered after seeing the clip of your albums, that I
    was incredibly inspired by your album layouts and I ended up designing my
    own photography album based largely off yours. AND I’M OBSESSED WITH MY
    ALBUM! So thank you SO much for sharing all that you do. Even those of us
    who are NOT photographers benefit so much from your words! 

  2. BTPhotographyOnline says:

    I downloaded these last week and they’re amazing! Thank you so much

  3. Jasmine Star says:
  4. Ashley G says:

    I love the videos you upload! Beautifully filmed – love all the details! 

  5. Shannon Baird says:

    Great tips about how you break up the shoot!