Photo Challenge Ep 112: Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: Adorama Photography TV

Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Photo Challenge Ep 112: Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: Adorama Photography TV”

  1. Gianni Luccheo says:

    finally photo challenge again ;D

  2. photographerjonathan says:

    would you buy the M ?

  3. Anders Olsen says:

    More videos please! 😀

  4. shalimore says:

    Gavin Hoey, you and Bryan Peterson have me crawling on my belly and my
    photography have improved so much. People just stare if I start laying down
    and my friends cant believe when I tell them. Thank you for opening my eyes
    to a different world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 4funky1 says:

    He trying to get a big depth of field, he wants everything in focus from
    the near to the far. To get the right exposure he bumps up the ISO to
    compensate for the lack of light reaching the sensor at f11.

  6. Vernon Nash says:

    Nice one. No playing with the propeller this time I see!

  7. Tennishead21 says:

    Yeeees! A new 15 minute photo challenge! 😀

  8. xC4Rbonx says:

    You take some awesome shots!

  9. CaesarRex says:

    Not even close. Joe McNally.

  10. phil lagettie says:

    Ah hahahhahaa – I can not stop laughing!!!!

  11. muus says:

    You sound like you had a sore throat.

  12. Goran Nikolic says:

    Pure inspiration, thank you Gavin!

  13. LivinOnLaughter says:

    I love Gavin’s work his style is similar to mine. GREAT STUFF!!!!

  14. ChadMcC01 says:

    Was waiting for a 15 minute photo challenge and Gavin didn’t disappoint!

  15. BMSWEB says:

    Great Tutorial!

  16. stu72113 says:

    Gavin… thanks to you and Adorama for the excellent tutorial.

  17. brandcaul says:

    Another awesome and insightful video.

  18. HachiPhotography says:

    Gavin please advise. I don’t have adobe camera raw, but I have photoshop.
    Can I do the first step of post processing like you did, but using
    lightroom? Thank you

  19. Tyrese Myrie says:

    Thanks man

  20. chylos says:

    Awesome as always! Thanks Gavin Hoey. Note to Adorama : More Gavin videos

  21. lfabiorosa says:

    Gavin’s videos are great. Found a blooper at 03:25 though, where the text
    was “Prossessed” instead of Processed. Funny!

  22. Ann Baldwin says:

    Very effective and succinct video, Gavin. I’m an experienced shooter, but
    still found much to learn here. Since I often shoot stock photos, I would
    never have dared to add the Gaussian Blur layer, but I like the result very
    much. I’ll give it a try (but not for stock!).

  23. Andre 1,000 says:

    Gavin, this was my favorite video of yours. Please do more like this!

  24. Bastian Hofmann says:

    Gavin is the best photographer at adorama!

  25. DestonProductions says:

    Gavin your a legend, other “pros” throw up videos that are twice the length
    without near as much information. Plus you do it in such a happy and fun
    way, from beginning to end thanks for posting i know when i see a new vid
    from you i will learn something! I would actually buy photo dvd lessons
    from you! unlike all those others out there!